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Pre Screened  Investment Prospects

As far as marketing strategies go, the “shotgun” approach of soliciting as many names as possible just doesn’t give you much bang for your buck.  Not only do you waste a lot of time, money, and effort reaching out to people who don’t have any interest in your particular opportunity, but even those who might have been interested could be turned off by an impersonal, unsolicited prospectus which tries to extend its appeal beyond its core demographic.

We’ve solved this issue by prescreening active investors and sorting them into databases based on which opportunities they’re interested in.  We guarantee that the accredited investors on our lists have enough liquid assets at their disposal to give your business venture a significant boost, at least if you can provide them with the right business opportunity.

Sales Leads For Investments Programs

Our high-quality databases aren’t limited to high-powered investors on the lookout for a new prospect.  We also track down and compile leads for other financial services, including:

•    Health insurance
•    Auto insurance
•    Life insurance
•    Disability insurance
•    Financial planning
•    Retirement planning
•    Annuity planning

As with our investment leads, the individuals whose names appear in our databases are prescreened to make sure that they have an active interest in the service you want to provide to them.  With the information our agency provides, you’re certain to find more interested parties in less time than you could without our help.

Whether you’re looking for financiers interested in speculating on oil and gas prospecting, in engaging in the high-risk, high-reward field of penny stocks, or else in joining the elite crowd invited to private placements, we have investor databases for every kind of stock, bond, and industry.  Here are just a few of our most popular lists:

•    T. Boone Pickens Oil and Gas Investors
•    Alan Greenspan Private Placement Investors
•    George Washington Penny Stock Investors
•    Donald Trump Investment Followers
•    Bill Bernanke Bond Investors
•    Real Estate Multiple Property Investors

Who Are We?

We are the nation’s foremost independent marketing agency that specializes in high-power, high-value investment marketing campaigns.  We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and we’ve spent that time building our experience, our investment and market leads, and our connections to the elite investors in the United States and beyond.  But don’t let our age fool you, because we’re ready and able to provide full-service digital marketing campaigns along with the more traditional direct mailing approach.

The investors in our databases are fully accredited, active, and have the liquid assets it takes to invest $150,000 or more without a moment’s hesitation.  These databases cover virtually every investment style and every major industry, which means you’re sure to find someone willing to at least hear you out.

Time is money, and in today’s fast-paced market your time is more valuable than ever.  By letting our firm do the legwork and the prescreening for you, you’ll be certain to save on both resources and achieve a much greater rate of success than you would without us.

Contact us in New York, New York, to request a member of our INVESTMENT POWER TEAM direct marketing services.