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NYSE-Direct LLC a private company releases its updated Website for Companies Who Demand Quality Accredited Investors


Manhattan, New York

NYSE-Direct LLC would like to announce its updated website: Here, those seeking accredited investor prospects and investment lead generation campaigns have been reaping the benefits of decades of experience and HIGH-POWERED elite investor data now available only through our website. NYSE-Direct LLC has become the world’s leading provider of investor information, and we are also the number one choice for turnkey investor relations campaigns. IPO campaigns and start-up investment solicitations also count among‘s specialties, and our targeted campaigns have raised billions of dollars. NYSE-Direct LLC has been serving the financial services community for years. provides flexible targeted investor relations campaigns to all our customers. We have hundreds of unique databases available, such as:

  • Aviation Investor
  • Oil and Gas Investors
  • Private Placement Investor
  • Bond Traders
  • Penny Stock Investors
  • BIO TECH Investors
  • And many more!

All of these elite investor databases have been turning in tremendous results throughout 2015, and they continue to produce enhanced results daily for clients.

Elite Investors with High Liquidity

At NYSE-Direct LLC a full service investment marketing company, we pride ourselves on maintaining investor leads which pay off for our clients in big ways. That means maintaining an ELITE list of investors whom you can expect to have over $250,000 in liquid assets ready for investment and $1,000,000 in overall net worth. Our specialized databases also guarantee that you’ll only see fully accredited investors who are interested in your industry. At the same time, there’s no need to worry that your investor relations campaign won’t reach out to enough prospects, because each list has hundreds of thousands of names with tens of thousands of HOT LINE active investors.

The Donald Trump Investment Strategy Followers Database

NYSE-Direct also keeps track of the number of people who are considering buying each database file in order to see how they are responding to our marketing campaigns. The most popular, HIGHEST response file is the Donald Trump Investment Strategy Followers. These are all self reported responders who are fully accredited investors that have responded that they follow Mr. Trump and keep up with his strategies and investments.

The Donald Trump Investment Strategy Followers list is also providing great results for political donation campaigns nationwide. People who use this database are also responding to political donor solicitations. Mr. TRUMP is creating SLAM DUNK results for his self-reported followers. If the presidential election results follow along with the tracking figures of people interested in his investment strategies, Donald Trump will win by a landslide. TRUMP’s self-reported followers attract almost ten times the readership and response as compared to the hundreds of other databases available at  Here is what just a few of our satisfied customers are saying:

I may not like his Tax Plan, but the investors in the Donald Trump Investment Strategy Followers file are responding with BIG DOLLARS. These are all heavy hitters making our marketing highly successful.

Tom – New York Hedge Fund Manager

If you are not adding the Donald Trump Investment Strategies Followers mailing list to your marketing mix, you are missing out on some big action.

Paul – New York Investment Relations Manager

No matter what type of investment marketing you or your office is planning, the TRUMP TRAIN is the one to be on when it comes to big investors and big results. What is one small step of audited endorsement for TRUMP is one giant leap for investor and political marketing. Limited quantities of this database are available, and it’s first come, first served. Prospects are released only once every 3 months on a rental basis. Do not pass on this confirmed-audited database, nor on its hot results.

Private Placement

Another successful investor relations campaign that benefits from extreme targeting is the Alan Greenspan Private Placement database. Deep-pocketed investors are quick to reach out with $250,000+ when provided with the right prospectus. If you demand private placement leads, look no further than the Alan Greenspan Private Placement database. Clients that have been through this database are also making use of the GO LONG – LONG TERM INVESTOR database which is turning in smoking results.


Oil and Gas Accredited Investors

Oil and gas investment requires nerves of steel, and our Oil and Gas Investors database includes only those investors whom we have confirmed are RESPONSIVE and ACTIVE. These oil and gas leads are guaranteed to be high-value prospects which any business looking for investors or stockholders can rely on. Our ELITE databases are also sorted by state so that you can find valuable investors in your area.


Penny Stock Investors

If you’re looking for investors who are ready and willing to invest in the high-risk, high-payoff market of penny stocks, look no further than the George Washington Penny Stock Investors Mailing List. Our database includes only accredited, ACTIVE investors who are ready and willing to put their money into this volatile market. The ELITE status of our penny stock investors lists is quickly making our databases a part of all financial offerings!


If you need accredited investor prospects or a complete investor relations campaign, please visit our website at to have a look at the many new high-tech campaigns and lists available. Whether you’re an investment firm looking for new stockholders, an oil or gas company in need of funding, or a real estate developer looking to expand your holdings, we have the lists you need to connect to reliable investors. Start getting results today!


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++NYSE-Direct LLC is a privately held Wyoming corporation. NYSE-Direct LLC Not affiliated with any Securities Firm and is solely a marketing company. All investment files are self-reported information from individuals who have volunteered their information. Any reference to any persons, place, or entities is solely the opinion expressed by the investors when interviewed.