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Accredited Investor - E Mail/Digital Marketing

When done correctly, email marketing is a great affordable option to target prospects with your marketing message. Because your business marketing needs are constantly evolving, we don’t box you in with one single solution. We know that to meet your diverse needs one size does not fit all. We know that to bring you what you need, we have to be flexible and responsive to your various email plans and requirements.

That’s why we work with multiple vendors, in order to have a range of platform solutions that are a fit for your specific email broadcast. We work with the right team that has the experience and technology to get you the best advantage for an “in box” delivered email message. You additionally, benefit by working with someone who objectively evaluates your job before recommending a customized solution that best suits your personalized needs.

We also can provide ongoing consulting services and value added services such as email optimization, which helps you reach a larger and more productive audience, enhancing your return on investment. Pricing includes distribution, data, and reporting. All launch times specified by you. General consumer email campaigns can yield 2-5% open rates, targeted packages can yield 6-10% open rates and 1-2% click throughs.

Broadcasting successful email campaigns is a very scientific process. That is why it is imperative to work with email professionals who understand the most up to date delivery techniques and guidelines. Additionally, it is essential to your brand reputation to use an accurate list so that your message gets delivered with no issues related to the IPs or recipients.

Who can use Email marketing as an effective marketing tool?

  • Investor Relations #1...Great way to keep potential or current shareholders / investors informed on good company news, new developments, upcoming conference calls, or any relevant information.
  • Financial Services #2...Proven cost effective method for client acquisition and retention for mortgage, loan modification, debt settlement, insurance, auto, finance companies, subprime lenders, prepaid credit cards, prepaid communications, and many others.
  • Retail...automate e-commerce marketing and conversion with new one-to-one email Marketing programs to drive repeat purchases and increase purchase averages.
  • Service Organizations...strengthen customer loyalty by getting to know customers better and tailor marketing programs to select audiences based on purchase data.
  • Healthcare...automate checkup reminders and educate patients on new services or issues to increase sales.
  • High Tech...up-sell customers on complementary products and services with their purchases, or generate new sales from customers using older versions of their products and services.
  • Travel & Hospitality...leverage customer data to identify their most valuable customers and offer special incentives and rewards to improve customer loyalty.