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Accredited Investor Lead Generation - IPO PUSH

When you use a HIGH END company such as NYSE DIRECT LLC, email marketing is a fast and affordable solution to reach targeted prospects with your investment marketing offering.

Investment business marketing needs are constantly evolving, we don’t box you in with one single solution for investor relations campaigns. We know that to meet your diverse goals one size does not fit all. We know that to bring you what you need, we have to be flexible as any business plan to successful and responsive to your various email plans and requirements and goals.

That’s why at NYSE DIRECT we work use multiple platforms during an IPO PUSH or investor relations campaign in order to give our clients a range of platform solutions, This becomes the recipe for the perfect and specific email campaign marketing. Obtaining the desired results a breeze. We can raise you capital at NYSE DIRECT LLC.

NYSE DIRECT LLC is the A TEAM that has the experience and multiple technology platforms to get you virtually guaranteed success for an “in box” delivered investment email offering. You additionally, benefit by working with a proven team who knows investor relations marketing and is up to date on the latest methods that are succeeding.  NYSE DIRECT LLC objectively evaluates your offering and the complete market before recommending a customized solution that best suits your campaign requirements.

NYSE DIRECT LLC can also provide ongoing investment marketing consulting services and addtional services such as email optimization, which helps you reach a larger and even HIGH LIQUIDITY audience, enhancing your return on investment. NYSE DIRECT pricing includes distribution, data package that are only available through NYSE DIRECT LLC, and reporting. All broadcast times are specified by you. General consumer email campaigns penny stock campaigns can yield 2-5% open rates, targeted packages can yield 6-10% open rates and 1-2% click through on high end offerings. Our clients get some of the BEST return rates for their marketing dollars. Investment companies choose NYSE DIRECT for their elite experience in the industry.

Broadcasting an elite investor relations email campaigns is a very complicated process. That is why it is imperative to work with email professionals who understand the most up to date delivery techniques and guidelines. Additionally, it is essential to your brand reputation to use an accurate list that NYSE DIRECT provides so that your message gets delivered with no issues and qualified prospect who can invest in your offering.

Who can use Email marketing as an effective marketing tool?

  • Investor Relations...Great way to keep potential or current shareholders / investors informed on good company news, new developments, upcoming conference calls, or any relevant information. IPO comes to NYSE DIRECT from markets all over the world daily to ensure their IPO PUSH is a success.
  • Financial Services...Proven cost effective method for client acquisition and retention for mortgage, loan modification, debt settlement, insurance, auto, finance companies, subprime lenders, prepaid credit cards, prepaid communications, and many others.
  • All types of Start Up companies looking to raise capital fast. NYSE DIRECT is the NEW COMPANY START UPs first choice for success. Start Up companies that used NYSE DIRECT succeeded and were still in business over one year almost four times the national average with billions of startup capital raised.