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Nyse Direct Text Message Marketing

Nyse Direct Text Message Marketing To  Connect To  Customers

SMS marketing is the most powerful way to engage with your customers on their mobile devices. Why? Because text messaging is your customer’s most frequently used mobile feature, ahead of voice calls and emails. And marketers are turning that interest into real results.

Take a look at the impact text marketing has to grow revenue and strengthen customer engagement.
   • For one retailer, an SMS database of 1 million subscribers was forecasted to drive $18 million in sales.
   • A top brand found that 1 mobile subscriber spends as much money as 3.4 email subscribers.
   • A leading retailer added nearly 300,000 SMS subscribers to their mobile database in one weekend leveraging our double down approach.

A top priority for many marketers is to build and maximize an effective text messaging campaign that complements their overall marketing strategy and drives measurable results. With only 160 characters, a single text message must be strong. That means you must build a strategy that’s well polished using mobile best practices.

We can help you establish a strong text messaging strategy, so those 160 characters you send to your customers will deepen engagement and drive new revenue.

NYSE DIRECT can help you do the following:
   • Define your objectives and KPIs for mobile messaging
   • Integrate mobile messaging with your overall marketing strategy
   • Outline a plan to build your mobile opt-in database
   • Measure the ROI of your mobile campaigns
   • A/B test what works to continuously maximize the impact of mobile
   • Infuse new ideas for personalizing all mobile messages