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NYSE DIRECT MAIL SERVICES included coordination and project management makes mailing easy and effective. We are with you from planning through evaluation and every step in between. We have a full in-house team of experts that are at your service to offer the kind of guidance, support, and advice that makes all the difference in a successful mailing. We prodice two forms of tracking though our nationwide network of mailing facilities.

Our Direct Mail Services Include:

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One of the most accurate investor databases available in the world!

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Thousands  of demographic, investment stratgies, and portfolio targeting attributes.

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Our proprietary 360° Customer Snapshot service.

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Full service, turnkey direct mail campaign management.

Our highly responsive customer support team helps coordinate and manage mail campaigns for thousands of companies on a local, regional, or national level every day.NYSE Direct Marketing has over 30+ years of direct mail experience you can tap for real answers and strategies proven to work. Rely on NYSE direct mail team to help increase your response rates and more importantly, your return on marketing investment.

Response-Driven Investor Data:  NO MORE NONSENSE!
Relevancy in messaging has never been more important than it is today. Consumers are savvy and only want to receive direct mail they perceive as interesting and pertaining to their life. NYSE DIRECT MARKETING SERVICES offers you a consumer database of over 300-million consumers that can be personalized with  targeting thousands of investment attributes that let you drill down and micro-target the audience most likely to respond to your offer. At NYSE Direct Marketing, our pre-campaign analysis offers superior insight into the exact investment characteristics needed to custom create a database specifically built to meet your goals and campaign objectives.

Accuracy and Attention to Every Detail of DIRECT MAIL
Whether you want to saturate a specific area or blanket a wider space, it’s imperative to be certain that the mail you send is going to be delivered accurately. This is why it is essential to work with a company that takes the measures necessary to verify the validity of the data for the highest level of delivery precision.  Let’s face it; it’s just too costly right now, to not be sure about your list selection - or, to take chances.

We work hand in hand with you and pay close attention to the details that matter to your business for each campaign. Only after fully comprehending the scope of your campaign, do we then go into action to identify the right targeted database for your specific distribution channels. We are engaged with you each and every step of the way. Put our know-how on your side for a profitable advantage you won’t find elsewhere.