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Investment Marketing Platform

The NYSE DIRECT MARKETING Platform, a Proprietary NYSE DIRECT Marketing Technology, NYSE Direct offers a flexible solution that allows you to fundamentally change the economics of deploying single or multi-channel investor campaigns, while reducing your overall marketing costs.

NYSE DIRECT designs and develops custom marketing platforms for businesses with multi-location or with worldwide operations. Our marketing platform delivers access to a full suite of turn-key marketing services that are simple and easy to use. The NYSE DIRECT marketing platform is used by some of the largest financial institutions in the world to help them gain market share, engage existing clients, and streamline marketing operations while bringing in new clients with deep pockets. This ELITE platform and support technicians are available only through NYSE-Direct.

From the palm of your hand you can manage your existing customers, send messaging, add new leads, manage your social media, launch prospecting campaigns, and so much much more. We invite you learn more about the full features of our NYSE Direct marketing services available.

The NYSE DIRECT ordering process follows a HIGHLY advanced yet simple method for selecting powerful investor marketing programs. We like to call it "The SLAM DUNK of investment marketing." The NYSE DIRECT marketing representatives provides our customers to enroll and purchase their annual marketing initiatives in an average time of 10 minutes in most cases. NYSE Direct provide support and guidance on each and every campaign, simplifying the ordering and campaign management processes have proven highly successful for our customers with several locations to Fortune 100 corporations with hundreds of locations throughout the world.

The Platform’s Campaign Management System (CMS) provides a broad set of tools such as integrated data management, a real-time count system, data modeling, single or multi-channel campaign selection and full turn-key fulfillment. NYSE's platform provides the power to segment a list, manage and select marketing creative, launch deployments, and manage tracking. The CMS manages an entire advertising campaign from list importing through response tracking.

The Platform Tracker is a comprehensive real-time tracking system designed to monitor campaign activity on a single campaign, group of campaigns or the entire organization. Track number of responses, response times, transactions, and cost per transaction, geo-response levels, and return on investment. This tool is a customizable feedback system that allows you to data-mine historical campaign metrics, further increasing the success of your campaigns.

The NYSE DIRECT Platform improves many functions for our customers including:

  • Increasing Customer Revenue and Profits
  • Increasing User Adoption
  • Simplifying Disbursement of Corporate Subsidies
  • Simplifying Order and Management Processes
  • Decreasing Customer Costs
  • Generating Extensive Campaign Tracking and Analytics
  • Improving Marketing Investment Returns
  • Improving Communication between Headquarters and Local Offices around the GLOBE.
  • Automating Processes that allow Corporate Marketing Departments to Do More with Fewer Personnel

NYSE DIRECT MARKETING Platform services include:

  • Data Services: Modeling, Analytics, Targeting and Hygiene
  • Direct Mail: Letters, Postcards, Tri-Folds, Invitations, Reply Cards, Inserts and more
  • Email: Newsletters, Retention Based Advertisements and Promotional Items
  • Social Media: Social Profile Management, Video Management, Blogging, Tweeting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Landing Page, Personalized URL (PURL) and Web Development
  • Tracking: Phone, Web, Reply Card, QR Code, PURL, IP, Campaign, Media Type and more
  • Creative Services: Advertisement Design and Promotional Development
  • Promotional: Gift Cards, Specialty Products and more
  • Print Services: Newspaper Inserts, Magazine Inserts, Billing Inserts, Business Cards
  • Consulting Services