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The Bernanke Bond Traders Mailing List

NYSE-Direct brings to market elite investors who are highly active in the daily market. This highly responsive investor data is only available though NYSE Direct. Investment companies around the nation have been enjoying the improved response from NYSE Investor mailing Lists.

  SEGMENTS THRU 09/07/2015 (updated on 08/07/2015)


 664,904   Total Universe / Universe Rate $250.00/M 
 48,994   HOT LINE $10.00/M 
 198,547   BONDS BUY IN EXCESS OF $150,000+ $10.00/M 



NYSE Direct's Investors Database – Accredited ACTIVE TARGETED Investors - is a new and rewarding experience now available for all investment and financial related offerings!  These RESPONSE investors are the wheel house that fuel the world’s financial markets. Highly segmented and targeted prime prospects for direct mail, telemarketing, email, and messaging. This targeted highly responsive group is always searching for new investment products or services that benefit their current investment portfolio or investment strategies.  This lists consists of investors who are highly active and previously responded or purchased investment products. These ELITE databases are only available through NYSE-Direct!

These investment prospects can be tailored to be an exact fit for your direct mail offerings by net worth, gender, market activity, and portfolio.  Additionally, our ELITE databases offer unheard of responsiveness. NYSE DIRECT is the ticket to TOP SHELF investors that can make a decision.

NYSE DIRECT databases are quickly becoming a part of all financial offerings!  Related offerings include: IPOs, Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Portfolios Enhancement, and Foreign Investment, to name a few.

• 5,000 Name Minimum Order $1,000.00 Minimum Price
• Net Name is not allowed
• Exchange is not available
• Broker Commission 20% on base
• Agency Commission 15% on base
• Reuse is not available
• Cancellation fee at $200.00/F